About Us

This website NetherlandsInsiders.com is a joint project of a Dutch father and son, who live in The Netherlands, close to The Hague. We felt it was time that a blog about the Netherlands was written by real Dutchmen, born and raised in this country.

This website is a great excuse to have trips together throughout The Netherlands and revisit the places and attractions that we enjoyed previously. We enjoy these trips tremendously.

We know The Netherlands inside out and love it deeply. We want to share that love for the Netherlands with you. We will not limit ourselves to glowing reviews about the Netherlands but will also tell you when something is not good.

We will also focus more on aspects and insights about the Netherlands beyond Amsterdam and tulip fields. Of course, we will not skip Amsterdam and tulips, but we feel that there is so much more about The Netherlands and hope you are interested in the other aspects.

Pim writes about the topics that interest him, like culture, art, cities, and history. Pim was born in Eindhoven and lived in Geldrop for the first 18 years of his life. Afterward, he lived in Utrecht, Amsterdam, and The Hague before settling in Nootdorp, where he lives with Heidi.

If you want to learn more about Pim, here is a link to his Linkedin profile.

Bas writes more about topics for younger people, like the best beaches, amusement parks, and other fun stuff.

Bas was born in Leidschendam but lived in The Hague for most of his 23 years. Bas is currently contemplating what occupation may be best for him, and becoming a blogger may suit him very well.

Bas enjoys playing soccer and is an avid supporter of Feyenoord Rotterdam. But that is OK; he is still young…..!