Explore Top Tulip Fields in The Netherlands Beyond The Crowds

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Are you looking for beautiful yet quiet tulip fields in The Netherlands? You’re not alone.

Many who love tulips find the tulip fields in The Netherlands too full. It’s also hard to get tickets to Keukenhof, the top spot for tulip lovers.

Discover beautiful yet quiet tulip fields in the Netherlands

Having lived all my life in The Netherlands, I have explored Dutch tulip fields for many years and found many beautiful but less-known tulip regions in The Netherlands.

In the following sections, I will guide you through the most beautiful and quiet tulip fields in The Netherlands, all accessible at no cost.

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6 Best Free Tulip Fields In The Netherlands

Tulip fields in The Netherlands are always concentrated in certain regions which we call tulip regions.

The tulip fields in these tulip regions are all free to visit.

You can find the 6 most extensive and beautiful tulip regions in The Netherlands on the map below.


Where Are Tulip Regions In The Netherlands?

The tulip areas in Holland are vast, yet there are always tours to view the tulip fields.

Touring the Dutch countryside offers a chance to see a variety of flowers in full bloom. It’s especially picturesque during this season.

I prefer these tours over Keukenhof visits, as they let you admire the tulips away from large crowds.

Most regions offer guided tours, but you can also find many free options to enjoy the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

I will include links to free tour options in the detailed descriptions of each tulip region below.

1. tulip fields in Bollenstreek

The Keukenhof, situated at the center of the ‘Bollenstreek’ or ‘bulb region’, is famous for growing tulips and other flowers. The area is about 30 km long and 5-10 kilometers wide, between Leiden and Haarlem. The most beautiful tulip fields in this area are located between Lisse and Hillegom.

There are many tulip tours in the Bollenstreek. It is a beautiful region and a lovely area for visitors from abroad to enjoy the Dutch countryside.

Be aware that the Bollenstreek, close to Amsterdam and surrounding the Keukenhof, is the busiest tulip area in the Netherlands. As a result, the tulip fields and roads in the Bollenstreek can become very crowded with tourists during peak bloom.

Is Keukenhof Worth Visiting?

Thus, I recommend skipping car tours in the Bollenstreek due to narrow roads and heavy cyclist and pedestrian traffic.

Tulip tours by bike are my favorite in this region. You can find more information about these tulip biking tours on the internet. It may be a good idea to bring your bike or reserve rental bikes well in advance.

There are also “tulip walking tours” for hikers in the Bollenstreek. The Bollenstreek Flower Parade is also among the

The Flower Parade in The Bollenstreek is also one of the most beautiful flower parades in The Netherlands.

2. Tulip Fields In Flevoland

In the north of Flevoland, you will find more than 2000 hectares of tulip fields, showcasing the area’s importance in tulip cultivation.

This new tulip region in Flevoland surpasses the Bollenstreek, which has been historically the largest tulip area in the Netherlands.

Flevoland is much less crowded than the Bollenstreek, offering an opportunity to enjoy the stunning flower fields away from the crowds.

You can explore Flevoland’s tulip fields by car, bicycle, or on foot. More information on these tours is provided below.

For an excellent overview of tulip tours and activities, I recommend visiting the website dedicated to Flevoland’s tulip routes.

For visitors from Germany, Flevoland is an excellent destination to see tulips, saving about an hour’s drive compared to visiting the Keukenhof.

Explore The Quiet Tulip Routes In Flevoland

3. Tulip Fields In Noord-Holland

A large, lesser-known area with tulip fields stretches north of Schagen and Medemblik in Noord-Holland province. Tulip fields are commonly found near dunes, as the sandy soil of dunes is ideal for flower and bulb cultivation.

This part of Noord-Holland is said to have the widest stretch of tulip fields in the Netherlands. Regions often compete for the title of the country’s largest tulip area to draw more visitors.

This region, situated in a remote part of the Netherlands, is harder to access. The advantage of this remote region is its fewer tourists compared to the well-known tulip areas.

Tulip tours in this tulip region in Noord-Holland are numerous and stunning.

Tip: read 30 Things To Do In The Netherlands (Suggested By Locals) for inspiration on activities during your visit to The Netherlands.

4. Tulip Fields In West-Friesland

West-Friesland, in western Noord-Holland, borders the tulip areas mentioned earlier. You can visit the tulip fields linked by Medemblik in a single day.

The region offers a more peaceful experience compared to busier tulip areas.

The delightful cities of Hoorn and Medemblik add to West-Friesland’s appeal for visitors.

5. Tulip Fields In The Beemster

Just south in North Holland, you can enjoy an attractive tulip tour in the Beemster polder with a classic Citroen 2CV.

While the tulip fields in the Beemster polder are lesser-known, the area is famous for its winding roads, dikes, and scenic views.

The Beemster’s tulip fields, close to Amsterdam, offer a quieter alternative to the often crowded Bollenstreek during bloom season.

Additionally, you can pair the tulip tour with a trip to the renowned windmills at Zaanse Schans or Schermerhorn.

6.Tulip Fields In Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

The tulip fields in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, while lesser-known, are conveniently situated for visitors from Belgium and France, offering a shorter drive compared to other Dutch tulip regions.

The slogan for this region, ‘Forget the Keukenhof; Zeeuws-Vlaanderen has the Netherlands’ most beautiful tulip fields,’ suits it well.

For the most extensive and beautiful tulip fields, visit the area around Hulst. Contact Hulst’s tourist information office for the best seasonal tulip routes.

Even without an official tulip route, driving around this region is breathtaking and highly recommended when the tulip fields are blooming.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I visit The Netherlands for tulips?

I am often asked what is the best time of the year to enjoy the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

The tulip season in the Netherlands begins in late March and ends in mid-May. The tulips are most vibrant in mid-April, which is when the tulip fields are in full bloom. In mid-May, farmers trim the tulip flowers to prepare for harvesting the bulbs later on.

While it may seem regrettable, the swift disappearance of beautiful tulip fields serves a purpose: the fields are cultivated for new bulbs rather than flower sales. As a result, the flowers are left to die off.

Why Are There So Many Tulip Fields in The Netherlands

The video below was shot in Flevoland and provided an excellent overview of growing and harvesting tulips on an industrial scale, as in Flevoland.

This video is so good that it has been watched over 9 million times on YouTube.

I highly recommend watching this video to learn more about the industrial process behind these beautiful and colorful flower fields. We may love the flowers, but the farmers cultivate them only to harvest the bulbs later in the year and sell them.

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