Uncover the hidden gems and local secrets of cities in the Netherlands. Get insider tips on the best things to see and do in Dutch cities.

20 Best Amsterdam Instagram Spots (Suggested By Locals)

Amsterdam is one of the most photogenic cities globally, but you must know where the best Instagram spots in Amsterdam ...
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Should You Visit Utrecht Or Amsterdam? Locals Weigh In

I lived many years in Amsterdam and Utrecht and know both cities inside out. However, it may be difficult for ...
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12 Best Things To Do In Groningen (Suggested By Locals)

I have lived in Groningen for over a decade. Therefore, I have seen Groningen’s highlights and know which ones are ...
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Is The Hague Worth Visiting? Locals Weigh In

I have lived in The Hague for over 20 years and love this city dearly. The Hague is known as ...
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What Makes Delft Such A Charming Dutch City?

We live near Delft, and we often walk to the city center on the weekends to enjoy this charming city. ...
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The 10 Best Rotterdam Attractions (Suggested by Locals)

Rotterdam is a city different from any other Dutch city. Rotterdam has a unique mix of authentic nostalgic neighborhoods and ...
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