About Pim Tijburg

Pim, one of the co-founders of www.netherlandsinsiders.com

About Pim Tijburg

Pim Tijburg is the owner of NetherlandsInsiders.com and contributes regularly to this website.

Pim felt it was time that a blog about the Netherlands was written by a real Dutchman, born and raised in this country, instead of all those expats who hardly know our country and culture.

Their English may be perfect, but it is evident that they are unfamiliar with The Netherlands and our Dutch culture.


Pim is as Dutch as possible and has lived almost his entire life in The Netherlands.

Pim was born in Eindhoven and lived in the Eindhoven region for the first 18 years of his life. Afterward, Pim studied biochemistry at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands and did his Ph.D. at the Department of Hematology of the University Medical Centre Utrecht.

Pim lived for about 15 years in Utrecht but finally moved to live with Heidi in Amsterdam. However, Amsterdam is not a good place to raise children, so they moved to The Hague after their daughter was born.

Pim and Heidi now live in Nootdorp, a village between The Hague and Rotterdam. And, yes, that windmill behind him is close to Pim’s home.

Pim Tijburg is as Dutch as possible and has lived his entire life in The Netherlands

In his professional life, Pim worked as a department head for several pharmaceutical companies for which he had to travel all over The Netherlands.

Pim now works as an independent consultant in The Netherlands and has founded his own consultancy company, Scientia Market Access.

If you want more information about Pim, here is a link to the LinkedIn profile of Pim Tijburg.

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