Best Amsterdam Outlet Mall (Suggested By Locals)

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Are you looking for the ultimate shopping destination in Amsterdam where you can find the best deals and discounts?

Navigating the shopping scene in a new city can be daunting, but I can help you as a seasoned Dutch shopaholic.

The best Amsterdam Outlet Mall is Amsterdam The Style Outlets

In this article, I will review the best outlet mall in Amsterdam, The Style Outlets Amsterdam.

I compared this outlet mall in Amsterdam with other outlet malls in The Netherlands to help you decide where to hunt for bargains.

The Style Outlets Amsterdam opened in 2020 and is the fourth major fashion outlet in the Netherlands.

Let’s visit it together to see if this is a good outlet mall for you.

Location Of Amsterdam The Style Outlets?

Although The Style Outlets Amsterdam references Amsterdam in its name, it is not in Amsterdam.

The Style Outlets Amsterdam is located in Halfweg, about halfway between Amsterdam and Haarlem (check out 1 in the map below).

The Style Outlets Amsterdam is in a very convenient location for visitors from Amsterdam and thus definitely fills a need.

Visitors from Amsterdam no longer have to drive to Lelystad to visit the Batavia Stad outlet mall but can now find an outlet mall much closer to home.

How to get to Amsterdam the Style outlets by train?

The Style Outlets Amsterdam is conveniently located to public transportation as the Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station is less than a 10-minute walk from the outlet.

Trains from Amsterdam and Haarlem run every 15 minutes to the Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station.

You need ±10 minutes to reach the Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station from Amsterdam Central Station.

You need ±9 minutes to reach the Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station from Haarlem Central Station.

Check the online railway schedules for exact departure times.

How to get to Amsterdam the Style outlet by Car?

The Style Outlets Amsterdam is on the last stretch of the A200, close to the junction of the A9 with the A200.

The address to enter into your navigation to get to The Style Outlets Amsterdam is Sugarcity Ring 1, 1165 PB Halfweg.

Parking rates at The Style Outlets Amsterdam are €1.50 per hour, but of course, that is a fraction of the rates you pay in Amsterdam.

There are over 2000 parking spaces under and next to the outlet and time will have to tell if that is enough.

Stores And Hospitality At Amsterdam The Style Outlets

The Style Outlets Amsterdam is smaller than the other three outlet malls in the Netherlands and has about 70 stores. Here, you can read more about the other three large outlet malls in The Netherlands.

In the range of stores at The Style Outlets Amsterdam, you will find typical outlet stores such as large Nike and Adidas stores. However, I found the assortment in these well-known sports stores to be limited, more limited than I am used to in other outlets in the Netherlands.

Another striking aspect of The Style Outlets Amsterdam is the focus on clothing.

I would not go to The Style Outlets Amsterdam for anything other than clothing because the assortment of stores in The Style Outlets consists overwhelmingly of clothing stores. You can check here if your favorite brands are available in The Style Outlets.

Outlet malls like Batavia Stad in Lelystad, for example, have a much wider variety of stores.

I also noticed that there was only English-speaking staff in the stores. This is probably intentional with the foreign visitors in mind, but it is something to consider if you do not speak English well.

The range of catering is also more limited than in other Dutch outlets, and there are only a few coffee shops and one fast-food shop.

Our favorite for coffee was Anne & Max, located on the square and with Dutch and English-speaking service. Starbucks has a lovely terrace and is a good alternative for sunny days.

The Style Outlets Vs. Other Outlets In The Netherlands

Below, I have compared The Style Outlets Amsterdam in more detail with the other three fashion outlets in the Netherlands and, on request, also with The Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam.

Amsterdam The Style Outlets Vs. Batavia Stad In Lelystad

The Batavia Stad outlet in Lelystad is the closest of the three other fashion outlets in the Netherlands to The Style Outlets Amsterdam.

The Style Outlets Amsterdam has a much more convenient location for visitors from Amsterdam because it saves almost an hour’s drive. However, Batavia Stad is much larger and has nearly double the number of stores and catering establishments.

Therefore, as a visitor from Amsterdam, I would only go to The Style Outlets if I were specifically looking for brands also available there.

Otherwise, I would be willing to spend that extra hour driving to Batavia Stad because Batavia Stad is a much nicer outlet than The Style Outlets.

Amsterdam The Style Outlets vs. Designer Outlet Roermond

The Designer Outlet Roermond is a much larger outlet than The Style Outlets Amsterdam, offering a much wider range of stores and restaurants.

However, the Designer Outlet Roermond is the best outlet mall in The Netherlands but also much further away from Amsterdam.

Therefore, I would only go to the Designer Outlet in Roermon if I was reasonably close to on a trip through The Netherlands. In all other cases, I would visit the Style Outlets Amsterdam or Batavia Stad in Lelystad.

De Designer Outlet in Roosendaal op een zonnige namiddag
The Designer Outlet in Roosendaal

Amsterdam The Style Outlets vs. Designer Outlet Roosendaal

The Designer Outlet Roosendaal is most similar to The Style Outlet Amsterdam among the other three outlets in size and variety of stores and hospitality. However, the Designer Outlet Roosendaal does have a warmer feel.

However, the choice between these two outlets will be based mainly on the distance to both outlets.

If you stay in Amsterdam, I would chose the Style Outlets or Batavia stad instead of driving all the way to Roosendaal.

Amsterdam The Style Outlets vs. The Mall Of The Netherlands

The Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam is not an outlet mall, but still, I was asked to add this comparison.

I would choose The Style Outlets Amsterdam if I were going for bargains because The Mall of The Netherlands is excellent but not cheap.

However, if you are going for shopping fun, with lots of choices in shops and restaurants, then you should go to The Mall of The Netherlands because it is beautiful.

I live close to the Mall of The Netherlands, and I have reviewed The Mall of The Netherlands in another article on this website.

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Other Shopping Areas In Amsterdam

Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat: These lively streets in the city center offer an array of shops, from well-known brands to quirky boutiques. Perfect for casual browsing and spontaneous shopping trips.

Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes): Tucked away in the historic canal district, the Nine Streets are a haven of vintage shops, designer boutiques, and cozy cafes. Ideal for those seeking unique treasures and a charming ambiance.

P.C. Hooftstraat: Renowned as Amsterdam’s luxury shopping hub, P.C. Hooftstraat showcases top fashion houses like Chanel and Gucci. Treat yourself to high-end shopping in a sophisticated setting.

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